Wizarding Collection Snap Bar Set

Wizarding Collection Snap Bar Set

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All our popular Wizarding Collection candles, now in melt form and all four neatly packaged in one box!

Brave Lion (Campfire marshmallow) - Woody and slightly smokey, with a sweet hint of marshmallow.

Wise Eagle (Library Books) - Slightly leathery, pleasantly dusty, with subtle floral and woody accords.

Cunning Serpent (Sweet Lime & Cedar) - Clean citrus scent with woody accords. 

Loyal Badger (Vanilla & Spice) - Sweet and creamy vanilla, with a cinnamon and clove spicey touch

Each bar weighs 55-60g. To use, simply snap a piece off and pop in your wax melter. 

Bags can be resealed and stored. 

Please note that each batch of bars may vary in colour, as every batch is unique!